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CHEETAH MP200 FLASH Purification systems

Product Model: CHEETAH MP200
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Instrument description:

Bonna-Agela Technologies introduces CHEETAHMP Series preparative chromatography system to significantly improve thethroughput of purification in synthetic and natural product chemistry.

CHEETAH MP Series are designed to automatepurification process with online peak detection and fraction collection. Theseries include two platforms, CHEETAH MP 100 and MP 200 with different flowcapacities.

The systems are a revolutionized replacement of traditional columnchromatography.CHEETAH MP 200 Flash Purification System is liquidchromatography purification systems with integrated pumps, detector andfraction collector.

It inherits many features of high-performance liquidchromatography system for preparative applications emphasizing fast separation,high efficiency, user-friendly nterfaces and intelligent fraction collection.

Features and advantages:

User-friendly interfaces.Binary orquaternary gradient elution.The collection thr ough a RI /ELSD detector is available.Built-inmethod conversion from TLC Rf values to column gradient.Self defi ned coordinates for customizedcollection, No-Limit collection volume; Large volume collection.The movement ofcollecting head follows X, Y direction movement supported collecting vessel 13mm (10 ml), 15 mm (18 ml), 18 mm (30 ml), 25 mm (70 ml) round bottom fl ask orcustomized defi nition of collection.CHEETAH trademark: series are particularlydesigned with no limit for collection volume for a given type of vessel formaximum fl exibility to users.


application Fields:

CHEETAH system is mainly used inplant-based, organic synthesis, pharmaceutical, biological and biochemicalproducts, the areas of extraction and purification work.



The separation of Phenolic Compounds inSesame Oil.

The separation of oligopeptides.

The separation of Morinda Offi cinalisextracts.

The purifi cation of A Steroidal Saponin.

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