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BT-1001 Intelligent Powder Characteritic tester

Product Model: BT-1001
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1. Brief introduction of BT-1001

Powder physical properties are the basic characteristic of the powder material. Study of powder physical properties has important practical significance for powder production, processing, packaging, transportation, storage, applications, etc. Although powder physical property has so many practical significance, but powder physical properties test is under crude and primitive manual state for long time. Due to low accuracy of measurement and the unstable results, it cannot well direct the design work for powder engineering. In order to obtain scientific, simple, fast, accurate testing results for the powder physical properties, Bettersize Instruments Ltd., developed the powder physical properties tester of BT -1001, this new type of physical testing instrument integrates many modern measuring techniques which brings the physical property measurements into the era of scientific, intelligent, accurate. Test items of BT-1001 intelligent powder property tester includes angle of collapse, angle of repose, flowability index, floodability index, etc. The instrument has characteristics of high intelligence, multi-purpose, simple operation, good repeatability, flexible measuring conditions, and in accordance with various standards. With the successful development of the instrument, it provides a scientific means for the precise measurement for powder physical properties.

2. Main specification of BT-1001

(1) Angle of Repose: 0-90℃, test by image method   

(2) Bulk Density: Fixed volume method or fixed weight method

(3) Angle of Collapse: 0-90℃, test by image method 

(4) Tap Density: Fixed volume method or fixed weight method

(5) Angle of Difference: 0-90℃, automatic calculation      

(6) Uniformity       Index: 0-15, automatic calculation

(7) Flat Plate Angle: 0-99+℃ (theoretical value) test by image method   

(8) Cohesion Index: 0-15, automatic calculation

(9) Dispersibility Index: 0-25, automatic calculation  

(10) Flowability Index: 0-15, automatic calculation

(11) Compressibility Index: 0-25, automatic calculation     

(12) Floodability Index: Index: 0-100, automatic calculation

(13) Voidage: 0-100% (theoretical value), automatic calculation

(14) Sieve Size: 45-3000 um, automatic calculation

3. Main application fields of BT-1001: 

the fields of pharmaceutical, battery material, powder coating, non-metallic mine, graphite, food, nonferrous metals, powder engineering design, powder property study and teaching, etc.

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