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PHGF-28B circulating pH/ORP sensor (with holder)

Product Model: PHGF-28B
Price:  Negotiable
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Location:  Shanghai

Product Detail Certification

It can be used with PHG-21Dand PHG-217D pH meters. It is used to measure pH value in water of industrial pipe and sealed container. It is applied in water which contains impurities, suspended matter and oil. It has good appearance, high reliability and convenient disassembling procedure.



performance index

PHGF-28B circulating pH/ORP transmitter

measuring range


matched electrode

FG-990 combined pH sensor or ORP-1 Redox combined sensor


measuring element

Pt100 platinum resistor

Input impedance


Temperature of measured solution

(560)/ (2095)

(the user should give indications in order)

The pressure of measured solution

pH:≤0.6MPa ;ORP:≤0.3MPa

The length of cable

Normally the length is 20m; If the length

of cable is over 20m, the user should buy it.

Cleaning method

Manual cleaning



Dimension of connecting tube

Water inlet:Φ10×1,stainless steel tube;

Water outlet:Φ6×1, stainless steel tube;

The weight of the transmitter



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