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skyray Explore5000 alloy steel analyzer

Product Model: Explore5000
Price:  RMB 208000
Application Notes:  0
Location:  Jiangsu

Product Detail Certification

Explore is skyray latest  hand held XRF analyzer for metal alloy and stainless steel fast testing, it is no doubut the best hand held XRF analyzer with many typical features that you cant find in the markets and other brands

The features of Explores are:

1. Best SDD detector in the world:it equiped with the best SDD detector-fast SDD detector, that enable to analyze light elements directly without helium asist from Mg U

2. more powerful data library:it can test rare earth elements and enable to test 34 elements simultantaneously

3. more safety design, there is insurance lock key to gurantee the safety for operator and invoid mis operate

4. non power off design, the analyzer works 5 minutes even you take the battery off the analyzer, which offer you enough time to change battery and finish testing once the battery power off

5. 3 color light system: there are green, red and yellow light system to show you the working status of the analyzer

6. operator and expert mode system easy to switch

7, 3 seconds fast scan for metal alloy and stainless steel

8,colorful display PDA, which refresh your mindset of one industry equipment


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