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skyray hand held mine analyzer

Product Model: Explore7000
Price:  RMB 228000
Application Notes:  0
Location:  Jiangsu

Product Detail Certification

Explore 7000 is the best Hand held XRF analyzer the world for mine explore and analyzers

it is found with many features to help  users when they explore mine ores and want to do fast scan in mine,it can test all kinds of mine samples, include Au mine, Copper mine, Ni mine, Pb Zn mine, Fe mine as well as rare earth elements

the features are as below:


1. best SDD detector in able to analyzer Mg, Si,P,Ca elements in Mine with helium,  

2. full library enable to analyze rear earnth elements fast and accurate

3. safety desin in software and hardware to protect the operator safety

4. fast and accurate analyzer on different mine ores

5. Big PDA easy to read data outside

6. big batteries, and no power off desin enable you to keep analyzer works even taking off batteries

7. different color of lights show operator the working status of the analyzer


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