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skyray XRF RoHS testing instrument

Product Model: EDX2800B
Price:  RMB 165000
Application Notes:  0
Location:  Jiangsu

Product Detail Certification

EDX2800B is an update model of EDX1800B, Which is the popular model for RoHS comply in China and over the world, Compare to EDX2800B, the software system is kept as friend and convient for end-users, but the main hardwares as X Tube, High Voltage and detector are totally from USA famous brand supplier, thus allow EDX2800B can works very stable for at least 10 years in very hard enviroments as cold as Rusian or as humility as Indonesia, or electric as unstable as vietnam,it totally reduce the repair cost of human and hardware replace

EDX2800B is the best RoHS comply machine for all hazardous elements not only for As,Hg,Cd,Cr. but also for other 7 elements as Cl,Sn,Br,Sb,Se,Ba and S for USA CPSIA and EN731 toy director, and also for LG and Samsung's heavy metal elements control standard


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