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skyray EDX3600H for alloy anlaysis

Product Model: EDX3600H
Price:  RMB 288000
Application Notes:  0
Location:  Jiangsu

Product Detail Certification

EDX3600H is a fast and accurate XRF spectrometer which used for metal alloy analysis, the testing result can compare to OES for most metal alloy samples, especially for copper alloy.the advatage of EDX3600H is non distructive and non comsumable gas or oil

EDX3600H system is sucessfully replacing the traditional OES methold for analysis the metal alloy, because of the accetable price, easy operate, non distructive and fast delivery result. the EDX3600H machine cost is also much lower than one OES machine.skyray already own more than 1000 sucessful case for end-users testing request


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