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GNT Series Universal Testing Machine

Product Model: GNR Series
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Product Detail Certification

    The device is applicable to tensile, compression and bending test of metal and non-metallic materials. Together with the non-contact extensometer, the device can conduct non-contact deformation measurement to ultra-fine, ultra-thin and brittle specimen as well as the measurement of axial and transverse deformation, especially for the measurement of Poisson ratio μ and sheet metal n and r. Equipped with the DSP platform-based measurement and control system independently developed by the company, the device can achieve the three-closed-loop control of stress, strain and displacement, and have the function of switching between a variety of control methods.

  1.  A transmission control system

    The transmission control system adopts delta all-digital advanced AC servo driver for general purpose and high-precision, high response frequency Delta AC motor, and achieve all-digital closed-loop control through PID control method. The motor which is connected to Germany Alpha reducer drives the high-precision grinding screw to rotate with the help of synchronous cog belt. The transmission structure combining the reducer and the grinding screw ensures the high efficiency, low noise, smooth transmission, and high precision of beam movement.

2.   Rack

    The frame structure is made up of four stand columns fixed on the beam and a table top. The reducer mobilizes two gapless precision ball screws, driving the beam to move up and down. The rack which passes the load has reasonable structure, good rigidity and stability, smooth loading feature and long service life. The limit device will initiate test protection during the test.

3.  Force Measurement System

    The American strain gauge load cell with high stability, high accuracy and high sensitivity is employed. The system is equipped with measurement controller with high accuracy, low drift, and high resolution. The sampling frequency is high. The force resolution is 1/500, 000 with a load measuring range of 0.2% -100% of the full capacity. There is no difference between the internal and external and the whole resolution remains unchanged.

4.  Deformation Measuring System

    Deformation measurement is achieved through the equipped deformation sensor (electronic extensometers) and NCS measuring and control system. There are various electronic extensometers in terms of the specification of gauge length and strain, meeting the requirements of measuring materials of different shapes and achieving high measurement accuracy and high stability.

5.   Fixture

    There are different types of fixtures, manual, pneumatic or hydraulic, suitable for different types of specimens. The subsidiary fixture is varied as the test method varies.


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