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COOLPEX Microwave Digestion System

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COOLPEX Microwave Digestion System is equipped with microwave focus technique, which helps microwave energy to distribute equally in the cavity and increase the density of microwave around sample area. Efficiency of microwave can be increased about 60% compared with conventional technique. Samples can be prepared more quickly and thoroughly.




1. Intelligent Microwave Digestion System: using top reflection design to increase the microwave energy around sample area.

2. Unique design of industrial-level microwave resonant cavity: internal volume is 34L, internal cavity is coated with five-layer PFA (Poly tetrafluoroethylene), resistant to strong acid, strong base and long-term solvent penetration.

3. High efficiency of microwave source design: using original technology of dual magnetron staggered arrangement design and microwave waveguide design to ensure the uniformity and high efficiency of microwave in the cavity, especially around the sample area.

4. Man-machine design, one-touch open the door: comfortable feeling of pressing button, new lock system with magnetic. Cavity door is locked when electric is cut off to ensure user’s safety.

5. Real-time graph and digital display: control panel with 24.8℃ gradient, more comfortable experience, display parameters both in curve and digital (pressure, temperature, time etc), integration of software and operating system.




Cavity material: 316L stainless steel

AC Power input: 220-240V/50Hz,8A

Whole machine power input: 1600W

Maximum microwave output power: 1200W

Microwave frequency: 2450MHz

Microwave emission mode: Non-pulse continuous microwave output

Microwave control mode: PID control

Volume of cavity: 34L

Turntable: Match with 10 KJ-180 vessels

Pressure measure and control system:

Range: 0-5Mpa(725Psi) precision:±0.01Mpa Stability:±0.05MPa

Temperature measure and control system: Range: 0-300℃,Precision:±1℃,(PID)Stability: ±1℃

Exhaust system: Anti-corrosion converting-frequency centrifugal fan, maximum air-flow capacity

Whole exterior dimension: 502mm(W)×600mm(D)×562mm(H)

Weight: 58Kg

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