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Product Model: PIC-10A
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Product Detail Certification

Instrument description:

PIC-10A ion chromatography adopted a flexible integrated structure which contains a

conductivity detector, an injector valve, an IC high-pressure pump, a thermostatic system, etc.

Depending on customer’s needs, the machine could easily accomplish the analyses of anion and

cation simultaneously or respectively. If external workstation is available, an operator could also

set commands by computer without touching the machine. A built-in thermostatic system (Patent),

integrating separation column with measuring cell tightly, could provide accurate temperature

control, ranging from 5~65℃±0.01.Moreover, under only one operating model, PIC-10A

could provide high-accurate detection (Detection limit: 0.2 ppb), routine detection and high

concentration detection in the detection range of 0~35000 Us.

PIC-10A Ion Chromatography has been authorized with 1 invention patent, 11 utility model

patents, 3 appearance design patents, 3 computer software copyrights and more than 10 patents

pending(including invention patents and utility model patents). PIC-10A ion chromatography

has been used in National Food Enterprises Quality Inspection Demonstration Centre and chosen

in a number of bids of government procurement in provinces of Shandong, Fujian, Jiangsu,

Jilin, Xinjiang, Hebei, etc. It covers almost 40 per cent of domestic instrument sales and exports


Features and advantages:

First domestic voltammetric cell for ion chromatography.

First domestic built-in thermostatic system combined column and detection cell together.

Dual-system ion chromatography was initiated and licensed in 2007.

First domestic brand of auto-sampler; Puren obtained the invention patent for this product.

application Fields:

Water testing, environmental protection, agriculture, quality

inspection, disease control, chemical, petrochemical, universities and

scientific research institutions, etc.


Determination of routine ions and CN-, S2- from surface water, groundwater and rainwater.

Bromate determination of wheat flour.

Betaine determination of feed additive.

Determination of ammonium ion, dimethylamine, trimethylamine, isopropylamine from agricultural chemicals.

Determination of Anions and Cations in dialysate.

Detection of carbonate and bicarbonate in oilfield water.

Simultaneous detection of conventional inorganic anions and cations in oilfield drilling mud.

Determination of conventional ions and iodine ion in milk.

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