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CIC-300 ion Chromatography

Product Model: CIC-300
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Instrument description:

CIC-300ion chromatograph is the integrated ion chromatography system. The basicoperating principle is based on retention time difference, which is caused bycharacteristics of components retention time of different ionic compound in thecolumn to analysis.

Asan innovative product based on ten patents, CIC-300 ion chromatograph is ahigh-end products, shares in the first grade in the same market.CIC-300 ismainly made up by the infusion system, injection system, analysis system,detection systems and data processing system, using machine integration design,including utility model patents column thermostat and thermostat conductivitydetector, and all integrated in a single instrument.

Flowsystem with full plastic flow path design,including all parts advection pump,injector valves, conductivity detector, suppressors, such as material flowpaths are made of PEEK material , effectively reduce system errors.

Standard dual channel detectionsystem, not only can simultaneously analyze anions and cations, alsoproprietary software intelligent workstation control UVV is detector, post-columnderivatization systems, such as the completion of the conventional amperometricdetector is not involved in the analysis of ion chromatography detection areas.

The exclusive column technologypatents effectively solve the problem of high cost of consumables.

highautomation can effectively liberate labor and improve working efficiency.

Featuresand advantages:

Standard double road system, achievesimultaneous detection of anions and cations.PEEK full flow system, automaticonline degassing and gas-liquid separation, providing a stable and reliable eluentenvironment.Conductivity detector, UV-visible detector, post-columnderivatization system, amperometric detector, autosampler synchronizationdocking.


Environmental protection, diseasecontrol, food safety inspection, drinking water safety inspection, qualityinspection.


Determination of Formaldehyde byIon Chromatography.

Determination of putrescine,cadaverine and histamine by Ion chromatography.

Determination of fi vedisinfection byproducts in drinking water by ion chromatography.

Determination of melamine in milkwith UV detection - Ion Chromatography.

Ion chromatography dual channelwith autosampler simultaneous analysis of ions in bottled water.

Qingdao shengHan chromat ographictechnology co., ltd.,established in 2002, is one of the high-tech enterprisesconcentrated on IC in China, the annual sales has reached 30 million RMB Yuan. ShengHanhas been committing to provide professional ion chromatography, relatedaccessories, consumables, technology solutions, after-sales service, and otherproducts in the past ten years, and has gained many national honors andrecognitions, such as “the state key new products “in 2011 for CIC-300.So far,ShengHan has established After-sale Service Centers in Beijing, Chengdu,Guiyang, Xi’an, etc. And in 2014, ShengHan launched the 3&5 plan (3-yearquality guaranty and 5-year extended warranties) in the industry for the firsttime.

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