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Qingdao Shenghan CIC-160 Ion chromatography

Product Model: CIC-D160
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After the ion chromatograph used up also need to manually clean the channel ?

Also need to manually degassing or peripheral inert gas eluent system ?

Come and enjoy the convenience of CIC-D160 Ion Chromatograph solve such problems arising from it !


CIC-D160 Ion chromatography is a new modular design, high stability ion chromatograph combined Sheng Han self-developed core technology products and foreign outstanding equal to a machining process , not only configurable conductivity detector , combined with powerful chromatography workstation and sophisticated circuit control system , CIC-D160 Ion Chromatograph can also configure amperometric detector , UV detector , UV - post-column derivatization system implementation involves many areas of environmental , food, chemical , geological and other conventional ions , sugars , amino acids and other small organic molecules analysis acid , cyanide and the like.


Technical advantages:

1.    Built-in stereo circulating thermostatic technology to ensure accurate and reliable experimental data ;

2.    Major national special engineered manufacturing process, maintaining excellent stability ;

3.    Host integration , modular design , plug and play , automatic identification , easy to operate ;

4.    Dual piston pump comes stratospheric gas-liquid separator , self passage degassing and washing, avoid manual maintenance ;

5.    Full plastics flow system , a unique online matching degassing and gas-liquid separation technology integration , to further ensure accurate data ;

6.Continuous automatic regeneration micro- film membrane suppressor , without having to manually add acid regeneration, balance fast , anti-pollution, good reproducibility ;

7.Instrument standard large sample volume autosampler intelligent system , which greatly saves time and manpower costs , warranty 50,000 times.

8. Ion chromatography support a comprehensive plan , "3 & 5" warranty policy , use the instrument for you to solve all the worries



Technology Index                                               


Ion chromatography pump

Type:high pressure double piston series peek pump

Remote control: RS-232/485 interface, by the computer counter.

The exclusive modular installation design, easy to realize quick installation of non professionals..

With the gas-liquid separation function, the unique design of the pump head, automatic flushing sealing ring and the plunger rod, effectively prolong the service life of infusion pump, and reduce manual operation..

Self protection function: automatic alarm and stop pump when overpressure

Max pressure of the peek pump:35Mpa(PEEK)


Column thermostat system

Built -in-one column thermostat system , chromatography workstation recrimination temperature programming , automation and high precision.

Wind stereo frequency control loop heating mode , enabling high efficiency heating thermostat low efficacy function , precise temperature control , uniform heating effect , does not produce any interference in the current ongoing condition .

High strength reed column card , compatible with more models column , versatility



Chromatographic Analysis System

Circuitry to ion chromatography data acquisition , transmission and compensation technology, effectively improve the response signal peaks , improve the detection sensitivity .

Can be flexibly configured according to testing needs of different types of chromatography column , to be completed by the environment , food, hydrology , water and many other industries detection work , simultaneous analysis of a single injection of fluorine , chlorine, bromine , iodine, nitrite , nitrate, anionic bromates, chlorates , chlorites, perchlorates, sulfates, phosphates , organic acids and other small molecules , as well as biogenic amines , choline , lithium, sodium , ammonium , potassium , magnesium , calcium , strontium and other cations

Routine testing can be configured -SH series ion columns,the exclusive control of the core technology by sheng-han, the data is reliable , cost-effective


Anion suppression system

Automatic regeneration anion micro membrane suppressor, low background conductivity , low noise and stable baseline ;

Not-for- acid , online automatic regeneration , uninterrupted use , simple operation, long life ;

~ 300mA constant current source current is adjustable in increments 0.1mA, can be used with all models supporting the use of the instrument .


Constant temperature conductivity detector


Frequency conversion type temperature control, Five electrode annular passivation 316 stainless steel with temperature compensation function.

Detection mode:Double conductivity detection.

Anti control workstation intelligent automatic selection range, 5 speed optional.



Anti-control workstation software

Chinese display , equipped with an electronic version of the operating demonstration , simple , easy to grasp ;

With automatic range selection , auto-zero baseline function, no need to manually adjust the range ;

With a spectrum timing curve shows the spectrum shift, working conditions select memory and other functions ;

Automatically gives the results of the analysis and having a variety of different correction , with Chinese display , print spectra , a calibration curve , the analysis results and other functions ;

Powerful, not only recrimination conductivity detector , amperometric detector , UV detector , UV - post-column derivatization system detector , autosampler can be programmed to control the system , so that the whole decency to achieve high automation.


Autosampler system - warranty 50000 times

Injection mode : inhalation ;

Built-in tray , eliminating the impurity contamination , independent wash needle position ;


The whole 3-year warranty


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