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Qingdao Shenghan CIC-200 Ion chromatography

Product Model: CIC-200
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Location:  Shandong

Product Detail Certification

Product Attributes

? Get a utility model patentcertificate

?Get 3 Software copyrightcertificate

?Homebred and scientificinstrument demonstration center recommended products

?Get Ministry of nationalscience and technology small and medium enterprise technology innovation fund

 Sheng Han company withthe current international monitoring of water quality standards and itstechnical advantages, launched CIC-200 ion chromatograph, the series of productsis not only suitable for drinking water, food additives and other industries inthe trace ion component testing requirements, also apply to research, teachingand other fields of unconventional project analysis.

   CIC-200 ionchromatograph using unique to the seven filter signal amplification module,greatly improving the detection sensitivity, can be realized on the mg/L-ug/Lsample accurate analysis.


Technology Advantage                                          

? With two detection modes: 1)conventional detection; 2) high precision detection

? Unique infraredphotoelectric sensing technology of gas-liquid separator, with false alarmprevention, negative function

?Integration host, LCD screendisplay, touch key operation, full screen display parameter, parameterautomatic memory

?Imported high pressuredouble plunger pulsation-free pump with flow rate, wide range, high pressureresistant, acid and alkali resistance, resistance of 100% organic solvents

? The whole PEEK flow system,using high pressure six way valve, a signal automatic collecting and flowfunction

? Full automatic on-line gasremoval technology, to remove dissolved gas analysis in mobile phase on theinterference

? Dual inhibition patterns:1) continuous automatic regeneration membrane suppressor; 2) ion chromatographythin film type CO2 inhibition

?Column constant temperaturesystem, built in two sets of heating mode, can realize the chromatographiccolumn box of rapid heating and precise temperature control

? High capacity, many kindsof anion, cation chromatographic column can be achieved in conventional ion ofyin and Yang, disinfection by-products, such as organic acid compositionanalysis

?Advanced digital temperatureconductivity detector with high sensitivity, high stability, so that the testresults are accurate and reliable

? A countercharge functionchromatography software, all Chinese / English display, having multiplechannels data acquisition technology

?The built-in aviationsocket, can realize the automatic sample injector operation

? Configuration of UPS powersupply, ensure the safety of the instruments operation


Ion chromatographic pumps

Type: Imported high pressuredouble plunger tandem advection pump

Features: with a chemically inertnon-metallic undamped pump head, connecting the PEEK line, suitable for PH0 ~14 eluent and inverted organic solvent; has high stability and repeatability.

Extended function: has the function ofautomatic cleaning double plunger pump head; overvoltage protection, workingpressure exceeds or falls below the limit pressure automatic alarm andautomatically stop the pump, self protection.    

Thermostatic conductancedetector

type: pentode type 316stainless steel passivation electrode conductance pool    


Features: unique analog amplificationtechnology, the use of advanced shielding technology and precise temperaturecontrol design, which eliminates polarization, the electric double layer andother negative effects, but also improve the stability and accuracy ofconductance signals.

Flow system

Plastic flow path : the wholePEEK material

six-way valve: the UnitedStates Rheodyne high pressure valve six way valve, pressure 7000psi; a signalautomatic collecting and flow function.

Features: high voltage,Naisuan Jian, a 100% organic solvent

Analysis ability

Anion analysis: F-、Cl-、Br-、I-、NO2-、PO43-、NO3-、SO42-、ClO2-、BrO3-、ClO3-andother anions and organic acid analysis

Cation analysis: Li+、Na+、NH4+、K+、Mg2+、Ca2+、Sr2+、Ba2+cation; Betaine, choline chloride; organic amine analysis


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