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Qingdao Shenghan CIC-100 Ion chromatography

Product Model: CIC-100
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CIC-100 Ion Chromatography

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? Won Laoshan scienceand technology development project funding support twice.

? Qingdao high-techproducts

?The" 2011special equipment procurement project of AQSIQ"


 CIC-100 ionchromatograph, is the economic type ion chromatography of Sheng Han. Theproducts with independent property rights of ion chromatographic analysissystem, can realize the fast determination of anion and cation and greatlyshorten the time of analysis samples. The whole PEEK flow system can avoid the metalion pollution and resist high pressure, strong acid and strong alkali andorganic solvent compatible. The type of equipment is widely used inenvironmental protection, chemical industry, education and other areas of waterquality monitoring.






Technology Advantage                                            

1. Integration host,LCDscreen display, touch key operation, full screen display parameter,parameter automatic memory

2.The velocity rangeof advection pump is wide, resisting high pressure resistance, acid and alkaliresistance, 100% organic solvents

3. Double plungerminiature design without damper, can guarantee the stability, low velocityfluctuation

4. Unique infrared photoelectricsensing technology of gas-liquid separator, with false alarm prevention,negative function

5. The whole PEEK flowsystem, with automatic alarm function

6. Full automaticon-line gas removal technology, to remove dissolved gas analysis in mobile phaseon the interference

7. High pressure sixway valve, having a signal automatic acquisition and flow function

8. Continuousautomatic regeneration membrane suppressors, without adding acid, can workcontinuously without a break

9. High capacity, manykinds of anion, cation column towards routine anion and cationic rapid analysis

10. Advanced digitaltemperature conductivity detector with high sensitivity, high stability, sothat the test results are accurate and reliable

11. A counterchargefunction chromatography software, all Chinese / English display, havingmultiple channels data acquisition technology


Ion chromatographic pumps

Type:High pressuredouble plunger tandem advection pump

High pressure pumpmaximum pressure 40 MPa         Flow range0.0019.999mL/min         Flow accuracyRSD <0.1%                       Flow repeatabilityRSD≤0.2 %

(Specific functionwill be seen at the fifth pages of the sample)
Thermostatic conductance detector

type: pentode type 316stainless steel passivation electrode conductance pool    

Pool volume≤1.0μL                      Resolution≤0.005ns             

Signal output range030000 μS/cm10 filesavailable)

Output voltage-50005000 mv

Baseline noise≤1.0%FS                Baseline drift≤±2.0% FS

Range of temperatureRoomtemperature +5 to 60

The precision oftemperature control±0.01

Temperaturecompensation1.7 %/    Maximum operating pressure2.0 MPa300 psi    

Features: unique analog amplification technology, theuse of advanced shielding technology and precise temperature control design,which eliminates polarization, the electric double layer and other negativeeffects, but also improve the stability and accuracy of conductance signals.


Flow system

Plastic flow path :the whole PEEK material

six-way valve: theUnited States Rheodyne high pressure valve six-way valve, pressure 7000psi; asignal automatic collecting and flow function.

Features: highvoltage, Naisuan Jian, a 100% organic solvent


Analysis ability

Anion analysis:F-Cl-Br-I-NO2-PO43-NO3-SO42-andother anions

Cation analysis: Li+Na+NH4+K+Mg2+Ca2+Sr2+Ba2+cation

   Also withimported column to the actual analysis requirements


Quantitativereproducibility: ≤ 3% (SO42—Na+ meter ) linear range: ≥103

Minimum detectableconcentration: ≤10-3 μg/g(Cl- meter )


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