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Hitech Smart-Q30 deionized water system

Product Model: Smart-Q30
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Product Detail Certification

Smart-Q series is popular economic choice for general analysis pure water. It has 2 kinds of output, 15 or 30 liters/hour. And the resistivity, reaching to 15-18.2MΩNaN, is above of the grade I standard of GB6682-2008. It also meets the most requirements of chemical and biological experiments’ pure water.


§ Feed of ultrapure water system

§ Glassware washing

§ Microbiological analysis

§Sample dilution and reagent preparation

§ Chemical and qualitative analysis

§ Water analysis and universal HPLC

§ Spectrum measurement

§ Disposing of buffer, medium

§ Feed of autoclave sterilizer, biochemical analyzer,   immunoassay analyzer, constant temperature and humidity chamber, salt spray   test chamber, dampening machine and etc.







Feed water requirements*

Tap   water: TDS<200 ppm, 5-45, 1.0-4.0Kgf/cm2 (Extra   pretreatment filter is recommended, if TDS>200ppm)

Flow procedure**





Deionized   water quality:















RO   water quality:

Ion rejection rate

96%-99% (New RO membrane)

Organic rejection rate

>99%, when MW>200 Dalton

Particles and bacteria rejection rate



15 liters/hour

30 liters/hour

Flow rate

2.0 liters/minute(with   pressure tank)

Pure water outlet

2: RO water, deionized water


Length×Width×Height:410×220×420mm/   Weight: about 20Kg

Electric requirements

AC110-220V, 50/60Hz, 48W

AC110-220V, 50/60Hz, 72W

Water quality monitor

Portable TDS/conductivity test pen + on-line resistivity monitor

Standard configuration

Main body (Including 1 set of   cartridges)+15 liters tank+ TDS pen +accessory bag

*   The feed water quality will influence the pure water’s quality and cartridges’ life-span.

**  PF:polypropylene spun fiber, AC:active carbon, RO:reverse osmosis, DI:ion exchange, UV:ultraviolet, TF:terminal microfiltration.

***  All the specifications are tested under the situation:feed water’s TDS=200ppm, 25?C, 50psi and 15% recovery rate.


Flow schematic 

LV. 1 Special spun fiber filter  
LV. 2 Special active carbon filter  
LV. 3 Special active carbon filter  
LV. 4 100 GPD RO membrabe  
LV. 5 Mixed bed resin cartridge  




  • Human engineering design, high-strength, streamline plastic shell.

  • One time injection molding process case, material: Polypropylene PP.

  • Elegant and compact case, integrating pre-filter, RO, DI, UV, UF and terminal filter into one.

  • All filters are built-in, for the smallest outside space.

  • Top cap of pre-filters in the case can be rapidly opened to replace the pre-filters without opening the case.

  • With electronic pressure sensor and microcomputer controlling, the system automatically produces pure water.

  • Automatic stop without water, automatic stop when water tank full, automatically cutting off water when pump stopping, guaranteeing 24 hours’ work.

  • Self-flushing of the reverse osmosis membrane, extend the life of RO membrane.

  • On-line resistivity monitor, with apheliotropic LCD display, to detect the quality of deionized or ultrapure water.

  • Attached portable TDS (total dissolved solid)/conductivity test pen, with dry cell design, to detect the quality of tap water and RO water.

  • Different external tanks (optional) to meet every need and assure ample water-supply.

  • Pretreatment cartridges, RO module, ultrapure cartridges, all designed to modularization independently. Easy to maintenance and replacement.

  • Pipeline and fast-plug adaptor with NSF authorization, assure high quality ultrapure water.

  • DOW’s RO membrane, ensure stable operation and high desalinization rate.

  • 4 mixed bed resin cartridges, with DOW’s nuclear-grade polishing resin,with DOW’s mixed bed resin,ensure the high level water quality

  • 254nm wavelength UV lamp module(Importing lamp) could sterilize effectively (Optional)

  • (0.45+0.1)μm double layer PES terminal disinfection filter, assure the quality absolutely axenic.(Optional)



· The products customers buy from our company enjoy repair service since the day of purchase. In on year from the purchasing day, our company is obliged to replace components free of charge due to non-human-behavior factors except:

(1). Damage caused by maloperation or use in abnormal situations.

(2). Disassembly any part of the machine or human-behavior damage.

(3). Not repaired by our serviceman.


As a rich experience of pure water system manufacturer, Hitech uphold the common development concept with customers, and provide professional pre-sales support and after-sales service. We promise:


     *   12months for maintenance(except consumables).

  • On site installation supervision.

  • Free system update service.

  • Periodically return service.

  • Service hotline-400 600 6097


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