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Hitech EDI Series water purification system

Product Model: EDI-Q10
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Location:  Shanghai

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Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Hitech

Model Number: EDI-Q10

Flow rate: 10 liter/hour

Resistivity: >5MΩ-cm@25℃

Silicon rejection rate: >99.9%

TOC: <30ppb

Bacteria: N/A

Particles(>0.2μm): N/A

RO water quality: Ion rejection rate: 96%-99%(New RO membrane)

Outlet: RO water, EDI water

Dimension/weight: LXWXH:50X36X54cm/ about22Kg

Electric supply: 100-240V,50-60Hz/120W

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Neutral packing or as customers' requirements

Delivery Detail: 7 days


HPLC,IC,ICP-MS,CF-AAS,Physics, electrochemical and interface research, molecular biology and life science, cell culture.


Flow schematic



  • Automatic microcomputer controlling system, multi-menu operating, real-time animation mode display.


  • Super-large LCD (Resolution:240×128, dimension:106×57mm) display, display the system running state and various parameters intuitively.


  • 3 way on-line sensor, detect the quality of feed water, RO water, or ultrapure water respectively.


  • System sterilization procedure, achieve the disinfection of ultrapure water’s pipeline.


  • System circulation function, circulate water when the system stops working, to keep water quality.


  • Self-flushing of the reverse osmosis membrane, extend the life of RO membrane.


  • Multiple alarm functions: such as no water, full water, disqualification of feed water, RO water, deionized water or ultrapure water, cartridges’ life-span ends.


  • The cartridges’ life-span can be set, the time used and left can be displayed, replacing auto-reminding, avoiding the decline of water quality.


  • Level II password, protect all the parameters setting, and prohibit any unauthorized settings change.


  • Water dispensing function- timing and quality (Time range:1-99min, water quality range:0.1-18.2MΩ.cm).


  • RS 232/USB communication port(optional), at least store 1 years’ water quality data.


  • Different external tanks (optional) to meet every need and assure ample water-supply.


  • Human engineering design, molding process, high-strength, streamline plastic shell.


  • Pretreatment cartridges, RO module, ultrapure cartridges, all designed to modularization independently. Easy to maintenance and replacement.


  • Pipeline and fast-plug adaptor with NSF authorization, assure high quality ultrapure water.


  • KDF pretreating cartridge, replace the ordinary active carbon, prolong the life-span to 12 months, reduce the running cost.

  • DOW’s RO membrane, ensure stable operation and high desalinization rate.


  • 4 in 1 ultrapure cartridges (also can be divided to 4 independent cartridge), with DOW’s nuclear-grade polishing resin, ensure ultrapure water’s quality up to 18.2 MΩ.cm, with the lowest TOC dissolution.


  • Double wavelength (185&254nm) ultraviolet lamp module, restrain bacteria’s increase and reduce TOC.(Optional)


  • MWCO 5000D ultrafiltration module, effectively eliminate endotoxin precise cell cultivating and IVF.(Optional)


  • (0.45+0.1)μm double layer PES terminal disinfection filter, assure the quality absolutely axenic.


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