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Company Overview

Shanghai HOGON Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. is an innovative capability manufacturer of precision scientific instruments  , built by a long engaged in laboratory analytical instruments product sales, technical services, professional and technical personnel groups. As Chinese mainland analytical instrument industry leading companies , HOGON has been based on understanding of customer needs and meet the basic needs of a variety of applications on the analysis  , development, manufacturing and sales of the most reliable  , cost-effective  , safe and easy to use technology products. Meanwhile HOGON also use their own professional and technical services continue to accumulate capabilities and application solutions to help customers and partners achieve success.     

The basic goal HOGON is: based on customer demand, followed by the development of science and technology, development, and manufacturing of high-quality, cost-effective Chinese brands of equipment. Since its establishment in 2004, HOGON has built a strong research and development, production, application, marketing and technical services team, company employees have bachelor degree or above, the formation of honest,efficient and responsible corporate atmosphere. The company has high-performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography network, Karl Fischer moisture meter, automatic titrator, solid phase extraction device, ultrapure water and other laboratory products with independent intellectual property rights; The company's products have been widely used in food, pharmaceutical,chemical, metallurgical, petrochemical, energy, aerospace, life sciences, bio-engineering, import and export inspection and quarantine, drug testing, quality control and environmental monitoring and other fields.




Shanghai Hogon Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.

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