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MP511 Laboratory PH meter

Product Model: MP511
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Featuresand advantages:

The fourth generation of thiselectrochemical instrument satisfies international GLP standards.Automaticcalibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, timing measurement. Clock display,RS-232 output, function setting and self-diagnose.


Education, agriculture, industrylaboratory, environmental.


Urban sewage solutions, Watersolutions in food processing, Circulating water solutions, Water solution forpearlescent dye, Groundwater pollution solution, Chemical laboratoryinstruments.

Established in 1991, Shang Hai San-XinInstrumentation,Inc. Pecializes in researching and manufacturing electrochemicaldevices and electrodes ranging from pH, ORP, conductivity, ISE, DO, water hardness,acid-alkali meters to electrodes. San-xin has developed a series of world-classfourth generation electrochemical instruments in recent years, such as MP500series benchtop laboratory electrochemical instrument, etc. The water hardnessand acid-alkali meters developed by San-xin are unique using electrodes for measurementin the world and have won wide acclaim in the industry. We are ISO9001: 2000certified, and our products are CMC, CE and CSA certified. Our OEM productshave crowned world most famous sites and catalogs, such as Cole-Parmer,Grainger in U.S.A and AS ONE in Japan.

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