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Laboratory Full Automatic Glassware Washing Machine FL160

Product Model: FL160
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l HPS cleaning techniques is put into use in washing, disinfecting and drying all sorts of common utensils.

l A whole machine uses 304SSEP plates to have an elegant appearance.

l Cabin using 316SS plates opened mold for formation at a time is resistant to corrosion, and is of rounded design, without dead angles, residues.

l Protecting key components of system, the temperature control technology of HTCF is eliminating dry heating, idling to extend useful life period.

l RS232 ports are fit out to print, record and trace washing data.

l Core components are of ASS design, non-polluting, corrosion-proof.

l PLC programmable controller can be selected.

l FSMW leakage alarm can be selected.


Description: 4.3"F-TOUCH touch control system is of high automation, intelligentization, hommization to carry on a real-time control and test of all wash parameters.

Elaborately choosing components and Joining with global powerful suppliers, Flom creates powerful cleaning system, and machine property leads the whole industries.

Leading technology of H&D thermal drying greatly improves cleaning and drying efficiency so that there is no need to wait to conduct clean experiments.

Flom's unique ESL circuit control technology guarantees safety of the users and equipment.


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