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Bettersize 2001 laser particle size analyzer

Product Model: 2001
Price:  Negotiable
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Location:  Liaoning

Product Detail Certification

1. Brief introduction of BT-2001(Dry)

BT-2001(Dry) particle size analyzer is a high performance particle size distribution analyzer. Dry dispersing system adopts Venturi dispersing effect by measures of shear, inertia, collision, etc, to ensure that the powders are in complete dispersing state when pass through testing zone. Even for the sample which is difficult to disperse such as NdFeB powder, it can be dispersed completely and also accurate test result will be acquired. It adopts photodetector array of large size and high sensitivity made by large scale integrated circuit technique which is specially designed, and it has high resolution and good accuracy; adopts whole process Mie theory and data processing mode of multiple distribution models; adopts a series of advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques including high precision data transmission and processing circuit etc., to make the instrument has outstanding features including accuracy and reliability, fast test speed, good repeatability, easy operating, etc. It is a new generation of particle size test instrument which integrates laser technology, computer technology and photoelectron technology.

2. Main Specification of BT-2001(Dry)

(1)  Measuring Range: 0.1-1000μm    

(2)  RepeatabilityError: <3 %(standard sample D50)    

(3) Accuracy Error: <3%(standard sample D50)  

(4) Resolution: Single Peak, Double-peak, Multi-peak     

(5) Focus Mode: Auto Alignment      

(6)  Sample Feeding Method: Auto Electromagnetic Vibration

(7)  Gas Pressure: 0.1-0.8Mpa

(8)  Gas Flowrate: 400-6000L/min

(9) Laser and Life Time: Semiconductor Laser, 25000 hours

(10)  Detector and Number: Forward and Backward, 84 PCS

3. Main application fields of BT-2001(Dry)

(1) Water-soluble samples: Such as medicine including raw material drug, Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, carrier of powder medicine, etc.

(2) Samples which physical and chemical changes will occur under the influence of water: Such as cement, starch, coffee, salt, alkali, flavouring, chemical products, etc.

(3)Samples which are hardly dispersed by wet dispersing: Such NdFeB powder, soft magnetic powder, permanent magnetic powder.

     (4) Others: Other samples which are not suit for dispersing by liquid.


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