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CS200A Digital Mass Flow Controller

Product Model: CS200A
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Product Detail Certification

brief introduction:CS200 digital quality flow meter / mass flow controller, the product of the technical indicators are strictly in accordance with the semi standard. Compared with analog products are easy to use, multiple functions, easy communication, extensibility and compatibility strong, and many other advantages.

application:Mass flow controller can be applied to a variety of gas measurement and control, in addition to measuring the quality of gas can also be precise control flow, mass flowmeter (MFM) can accurately measure the mass flow of gas.


1,Digital, all metal seal


2, high precision, fast response


3, very low zero drift and temperature drift


4, good compatibility

Full scale range



±1.0% S.P. (≥35% F.S.) ±0.35% F.S. (<35% F.S.)


±0.5% F.S.


±0.2% F.S.

Response Time


Valve Rest Position

Normally Closed or Normally Open(F.S.≤30slm)

Differential Pressure

0.05~0.35MPa (Flow≤10slm) 0.1~0.35MPa(10slm<Flow≤30slm)   0.2~0.45MPa(Flow>30slm)

Temperature Coefficient

Zero:≤±0.05% F.S./℃; Span: ≤±0.1% F.S.℃ (Flow≤30slm) Span:   ≤±0.2% F.S.℃ (Flow>30slm)

Max Pressure


Zero Drift

<0.6%F.S. per year without autozero

Leak integrity

1×10-9 atm?cc / sec He

Wetted Materials


Surface Chemistry


Surface Finish


Operation Temperature


Input Signal

Digital: RS485 or ProfiBus or DeviceNetTM Analog:(0~5)VDC or (4~20)mA or   (0~20)mA

Output Signal

Digital: RS485 or DeviceNetTM or ProfiBus Analog:(0~5)VDC or (4~20)mA or   (0~20)mA

Power Supply

±8 ~ ±16 VDC or +14 ~ +28 VDC(400mA)

Electronic Connector

9 pin male sub-D ,15 pin male sub-D ,DeviceNetTM ,ProfiBus ,Analog


VCR1/4” M;Compression   FittingΦ6;Compression Fitting1/4”;Compression Fitting 3/8′′; Compression   FittingΦ3, Compression Fitting1/8” (available to F.S.≤ 5SLM) Compression   FittingΦ10 (available to F.S.> 30SLM)




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